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~ZIP III~ NY Group Art show

Saturday March 9th Caravaglia Studio, 830 Broadway, NY

This is Chloe and Allegra, we are artists and curators. We are curating our third show ZIP 3 , which will take place Saturday March 9th at Caravaglia Studio, 830 Broadway, NY. The show will be up for that weekend with a full day of walkthroughs on the 10th.

This year’s theme is Pass–Portals: Identity Across Digital Realms. We will represent national and international artists to open up a dialogue about the possibilities of a globalized society through our digital social world.

Where legal and physical barriers separate and silence people, digital platforms offer a global unlimited space for unlimited voices. We are breaking through the physical borders across the world right now, of course hinting at the era of Trump and Brexit.

Although Digital Realms have been used as platforms for people to express themselves and to build and foster connections with others, they have become an extension of our inner thoughts, ideas, and feelings—that is, an extension of inner consciousness. Our generation is in many ways becoming integrated within these new forms of self representation through Technology.

By having different mediums present at the show, such as multimedia, digital and handmade art pieces, the artists have created work in relation to their unique stories and experiences living in or outside of the United states, as well as exploring self representation and identity on both a personal and digital scale.

Zip gives artists the opportunity to showcase a variety of mediums ranging from; Design, Painting, Digital, Performance, Augmented Reality, and Sculpture. We also represent musicians performing throughout the evening. Each show attracts around +300 guests.

10% of the optional submission fees that we have collected will be donated to The Lower East Side Girls Club.


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