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You’ve Changed

‘You’ve Changed’ is a contemporary art exhibition organised and curated by independent London artist collective, LOOSEgroup artists.

The show, held at the  Menier Gallery , London, is the next installment in the program of exhibitions held by the collective, and features the work of ten artists – including established Danish artist, Thomas Lindvig, in a rare London appearance.

‘You’ve Changed’ challenges national and international contemporary artists to explore the evocative notion of change – theoretically, literally and in abstract. An omnipresent force, with divisive outcomes, all life is inescapably gripped by change; whether physical, cultural, intimate – wide-ranging or localised, catastrophic or unnoticed.

Through various artistic mediums – such as sculpture, fashion, installation and painting – the works seek to identify and understand change’s tangible and notional effects.

Exhibiting artists include Danish visual artist and Goldsmith’s graduate Thomas Lindvig, whose minimalist collage works explore a range of suggested emotions, and Maureen Jordan’s large-scale sculptural piece, referencing the fluidity and transience of childhood memory.

 The show runs from 9th – 13th of February 2016, with a preview evening on 9th February from 6 – 8.30pm at the Menier Gallery, London. 

Participating artists:

Laura Ansell
Kimberly Bevan
Cath Gillingham
Kat Hayes
Maureen Jordan
Wayne Keown
Juki Lee
Thomas Lindvig
Tommy Ramsay
Emily Watkins

LOOSEgroup artists is a London-based independent collective of artists, creative’s and designers, which together runs a program of open access exhibitions throughout the capital, open to artists at any stage of their career. The collective’s exhibitions are co-curated and professionally coordinated by the founding members.



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