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The Dead Sea Comes to NYC: Israeli Artist Yosef “Jojo” Ohayon Opens JoJo Gallery in Soho


Israeli Artist Yosef “Jojo” Ohayon has opened his first gallery in the United States, at 456 W. Broadway in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. This gallery is Jojo’s second location, in addition to the Jojo Gallery, which has been welcoming art enthusiasts for ten years in Tel Aviv.

The gallery’s namesake artist, JoJo, has a remarkable story of how he entered the art world. After working as a farmer for 20+ years near the Dead Sea in Israel, he then followed his true passion to build a career as an artist, and took some of the techniques he learned while farming to the art studio.

His most intriguing technique, which Jojo invented as a farmer, is a method called “water-pressure-inflation,” where he uses water pressure to manipulate pieces of metal into beautiful art. Jojo creates wall sculptures, as well as chairs, coffee tables and other pieces of furniture that truly make a “statement piece” in every room.

In addition to the custom furniture and wall sculptures, Jojo creates expressive paintings, with each work characterized by its own personality. The paintings are known to transmit spontaneity, warmth, and passion. With his paintings, Jojo creates abstract pieces that showcase a unique, fast-paced “action-painting” method, where his swift hand enables an exuberant and captivating self-expression. By using bottles with a tiny hole cut from the end, Jojo is able to distribute paint in uniform patterns across large canvases, to create signature pieces that portray women figures, flowers, forms of nature and more.

As an artist who chose to live in near the Dead Sea, Jojo creates his works in the serene, powerful and enchanted desert. The art works draw inspiration from a variety of origins, while combining Ethnical design approaches with contemporary and Western ones.

Jojo’s art is world-renowned. His pieces are exhibited in dozens of galleries across the world with items being sold to buyers in Israel, the United States, Europe, Australia, China, and more.

JOJO Gallery

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