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Worry: the Aromatherapy Companion by Taylored Curiosities

I have always created odd little creatures out of a variety of materials, since I was a small child. While studying at University I found I worried a lot and felt under pressure to achieve, so I would use lavender to calm my nerves. This evolved in to a little, wonky eyed, chubby bellied creature I called Worry. I only really made him for myself to begin with (I still have mine from 2009), but my friends and family wanted one, so I made more and have made a few batches over the years, but never as many as I am currently offering in my Kickstarter.

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I qualified as an Art Teacher last summer and have been working with using art as a therapeutic means of lowering anxiety with some of my students.  I think art is an extremely important part of healing and self-acceptance, especially for those who struggle to express themselves vocally (I work with SEN students mostly).


So the tactile nature of art materials is important to me in my every day work.  Worry is an extension of this.  Fluffy and soft, squishy for comfort and lavender scented to calm.  There’s nothing quite like a squish and a sniff of a Worry companion when you are really feeling the daily struggle.

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