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Working through home during covid -19 outbreak

My name is Evaldas Gulbinas. At the moment I am working through home during covid -19 outbreak. Working through home, I have got very interested in digital drawing through Ipad using Procreate app. I work on theme of corona virus.

Current situation makes me create more through cleaner media, as not using pen, paper and pencil or paints. The drawings are more aesthetic taste- which I always wanted to use it. My current project is to gain more skills on digital drawing in my own twist. I think it has a future taste as well. I like to see the world and create my view through art medias. My current work should make people stronger about current situation doing corona virus outbreak. In my work is seen fear, strong issues and playfull life of situations. My digital drawing’s Colour I use are black, white and grey which reminds “the dark time”. I think, everyone has to see the reality and be stronger at this moment. In my current work I use motifs as covid-19 virus shape or human’s motifs. I think, skills I learn in my past studies of BA fine art mixed media and through tattooing I can use forever- it’s normal. As a tattoo artist I take a little break during covid-19 outbreak to tattoo for my protection and customer’s protection. In the future, I should study Masters of Fine art in university of the Arts London, as I got the place in Chelsea college of art in London Uk- from September. So, I still preparing my skills and always working on something new to explode myself in study time….

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