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Amy Chenier, Jelly Estrada, Kelly O’Hara, Lisa Poszywak

The Paint is Real: An Art Exhibition featuring four painters whose style ranges from surrealistic to psychedelic impressionistic

Who: Amy Chenier, Jelly Estrada, Kelly O’Hara, Lisa Poszywak

When: September 16th- October 22nd.Opening meet the artist night on September 16th 6-10 pm

Where: River’s Edge Gallery, 2304 Biddle, downtown Wyandotte, Michigan. 48161

River’s Edge Gallery at 3024 Biddle in downtown Wyandotte is opening an exhibit on September 16th curated purposely with works slanted towards realism and created by women artists.

jelly1Jelly Estrada

According to Jeremy Hansen, gallery director and the curator, the next exhibit highlights the talents of four female artists. Hansen stated, “this work overpowers any gender identification. Each artist works in their own way with realistic imagery. Their subject matter differs greatly sometimes using inspiration from historical or iconic figures sometimes past experiences or just depicting every day familiar objects in an unfamiliar way.

LISA4Lisa Poszywak

River’s Edge Gallery has always been a space that has shown a predominance of female artists even though the statistics for gallery space available for female vs male would not reflect that on a national or international level. Patt Slack, who started the gallery almost 40 years ago with her late husband and Detroit artist Jim Slack, has dedicated much of herself to promoting metro Detroit artists. Patt was a female gallery owner during a time when national and international trends did not support that. This perhaps made River’s Edge gallery a natural spot to find a lot of strong female work. Although, Patt states, “There was never an attempt to divide female from male. We just always looked for the artists that were doing the strongest work. The truth is it was harder for females to find showing space especially if their work was considered ‘unfeminine’. Bold colors with intense applications or controversial subject matters were considered ‘male’. Flowers and garden scenes were considered ‘feminine’…also a reverse stereotype.”

I feel my work is unique and most recognizable by my signature use of vibrant colors. I use multiple layers and brush strokes to bring out dimension and values in each piece I create. To some, the colors might seem misplaced like red skies and purple faces. I often work from old photographs and my goal is always to recreate a memory, both real or imagined. The juxtaposition of the photograph I choose may not be appealing initially, but I find the overall scene and underlying emotion of the photographs fascinating. The results brings outdated moments back to life, or allows the viewer to narrate their own story.Jelly Estrada
This show will feature Amy Chenier, who has been a part of River’s Edge almost from the gallery’s inception. Chenier uses her painting talents to create a collage like painting usually including a known iconic figure in a surrounding that makes a social or cultural statement. Her paintings are challenging to the viewer. Amy began her career as a sports artists. Her sports figures hang in all the walls of top sports museums and sports collectors including the offices of Comerica Park.

OHARAKelly O’Hara

Jelly Estrada is the less experienced in the group of four, yet her style reflects a modern approach to painting even though the images that inspire her are usually retro. Her paintings are striking as the skin tones are a combination of bright colors making the result a racially neutral scene.

underground48x60Amy Chenier

Kelly O’Hara’s pieces for “The Paint Is Real” were created solely for this exhibition. These works demonstrate her ability to create a narrative. She uses her sharp illustrative skill to create a realistic scene in a fantasy world.

Lisa Poszywak is the freshest of the bunch. For this particular show Poszywak, who has a wide range of subjects matters that have inspired her, has combined an unusual selection of objects in a twist on the standard still life.

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