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Wire Rink

Photomontage including all original drawings by Mr Bartle

Wire Rink by Mr Bartle

Over several months work this piece on the one hand plots my thoughts, ideas, connections as I live and make sense and don’t make sense of the world, overloaded as we are with information from many different areas, and on the other is interwoven with a story about a new world built around the idea that people can’t be seen in their physical form, only their minds. The result is a chaotic mix of drawings, text and images woven together in a story-mesh rather than a linear or traditional storyline giving viewers the chance to unravel the information based on their own experiences.Mr Bartle
wire rink mr bartle
26.01.16 – 07.05.16, Photomontage including all original drawings by Mr Bartle, Original piece: 2m x 3m. Version shown is the 16 page Limited Edition now available to buy: £8 +p&p – please email. For all enquiries please contact: info@mrbartle.com

Mr Bartle creates beautifully damaged high quality art pieces that reflect the interconnectedness of everything, thoughts, dreams, people, objects, events, the conscious and unconscious mind. During his process the photographic images coalesce to form a landscape portrait of one persons experiences and imagination at the time of creation.

LOGO - Mrbartle Original 485 - mrbartle
The pieces are then open to interpretation and can be unravelled by the viewer, making their own connections with the images. In this way the pieces take on a life of their own. Common themes are nature, religion, sex, pornography, medicine, beauty and death.

Mr Bartle was born in 1978, growing up in Lincoln, studying in Manchester and working full time as a graphic designer in Bristol for 8 years. Before returning to live in Lincoln.

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