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☁️ ☁️ when the clouds come in ☁️

Aimee Walker, Jawbone Jawbone, Keiken, Lois Hopwood

An exhibition curated by QT collective, featuring works by Aimee Walker, Jawbone Jawbone, Keiken, Lois Hopwood

26th October – 14th November 2018
✨Opening Night Friday 26th October, 6-9pm
Open Thursday – Sunday 12-4pm or by appointment

Crate Studios and Project Space,
1 Bilton Square,
Margate, C29 1EE

💫For more information www.cratespace.co.uk Instagram @qt_collective /@cratespacemargate

you are my only certainty that creates uncertainty, we live up in the clouds . . . as online and offline combine, where do we store our dreams, in our heads or in google? we are a generation who are seen ✔️but never seen 👀 But the url can also be a comfort blanket, in a climate of ambiguity we can find ourselves in the algorithm, fall in love on facetime or bury ourselves in the browser.

when the clouds come in is an exhibition looking at how we can massage our online habits, as we run behind to catch the social in social media –  inviting us to #pause, put our phones on airplane mode, and ask where we place ourselves in all this debris, dreams and data.

💁‍As part of this exhibition there will be two public events

www.wellness – Meditation workshop with Aimee Walker and Emily Simpson
Saturday 3rd October, 3-5pm

Leave those texts on read, put your phone on airplane mode, and join us for an afternoon of guided meditation. We have to ‘remind’ our modern minds to be mindful – it’s easy to lose ourselves in the likes, keep our heads in the cloud. Sometimes we’re too busy #living our best life to actually live our best life 🧘 Artists Aimee Walker and Emily Simpson invite you to #pause, and spend some time refreshing in the present.

Crate Conversations – Ralph Pritchard and Emily Simpson
Saturday 10th October, 3-5pm

Join artists Ralph Pritchard and Emily Simpson for a juice and a chat about digital detoxes. As online and offline combine, we need to update our manual for ‘good health’ to include our social media selves. We are the first generation to grow up online, and we are a l w a y s online. Do we need to update our ideas on intimacy as we update our browsers? And is it ok that you read my text and 5.45 and now its 5.47 and u havent replied nvm have a nice life 😶 Join us for a juice and an informal discussion on dating with all this data, and what it rly means to have no wifi ☁️

QT collective @qt_collective is an irurl curatorial project directed by @emilysurnamexox_x. Foreva dreaming of data, Emily Simpson 1991, studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, and has been involved in exhibitions at Castlefield Gallery, Primary, Hutt Collective, and was part of life 2.0 The Wrong Biennale. They have curated exhibitions online with @wuu2wuu2, isthisit? and offline with CBS Gallery, have presented a talk at Lux Moving image, and are currently the artist and curator in residence at Bootham School from 2k17-2k19. QT collective are the winners of this years Crate Curatorial Open, which was funded by Crate Studio and Project Space and Arts Council England.

Aimee Walker @aimeewalker is an artist working in sound, performance, sculpture, video and text. She currently lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand and graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2015. Her work centers around self-help and personal growth – a continual question of the moment, the nature of (a) reality and what it means to be human in the context of navigation. Navigation through a stream of information, some of which we believe could offer a guide to the next stage. What belief systems have we cobbled together in a search for betterment? These questions ring throughout her practice through imagery, using storytelling and the fabricated landscape of the wellness industry, balancing in the act of fact and fiction and finding places to move beyond the realms of the real.

Jawbone Jawbone @jawbone_jawbone is a collaboration of two minds fluctuating between reality and dreams. Through a celebration of humour and playfulness Jawbone Jawbone articulate a meta-material language of visual gestures.  Nikki Katrina Carroll (b.1994) & Matthew Young (b.1993) Recent shows include, FULLY AWAKE The Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, Open Contemporary Young Artist Award 2018 The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne, Hard Graft GRAFT, Lancaster & Now Another Procedure Is To Run Catalyst Arts, Belfast. And with a current solo show ‘Passing Between Clouds and Under Rocks’, Four/Four Collective, Nottingham. www.jawbonejawbone.com

Keiken, @_keiken_ are artists, art directors and musicians working collaboratively in a networked practice that merges multiple voices and mediums to create immersive experiences. They work with  interactive contemporary art and the latest technologies. Keiken have exhibited and curated at CTM and Transmediale Vorspiel festival, U Studio at Tate St Ives, London Design Festival, Hervisions, Second Home, London and Newlyn Art Gallery. They have also presented lectures, talks and workshops at LUX Moving Image, KNOW-WAVE Radio, and Goldsmiths University, University of Arts (LCC) and Falmouth University. They were the first artists to have their virtual reality film projected 22,000 light years into space by Jon Pettigrew for Planet3artnews. www.facebook.com/keikencollective/

Lois Hopwood @loishopwood is an artist primarily concerned with the impact of technology and virtuality on physical space and perceptions of the ‘real world’. From a starting point of digital video, images and sound, the work explores the personal and public spaces we visit online, more recently combining digital media with larger scale sculptural and installation interpretations of virtual space. Lois is currently based in Manchester, having recently graduated from a Masters in Fine Art Practice at Glasgow School of Art. www.loishopwood.info

Crate is an artist-led space with studios and project space dedicated to providing affordable spaces for artists and supporting emerging practice. It is housed in an old print works just off Margate’s high street.


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