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When Filler Becomes Form – Matej Tomažin

Counsel, Crown Building Studios | Cambridge

Where: Counsel, Crown Building Studios | Liverpool, UK
When: Thursday, November 24th
Opening: 18:00
Artist Talk: 20:00

The question is whether or not advertisement, as a form of visual communication, still only exists to convey its propagational message inside media, i.e. movies, books, posters, etc. As we have by now reached the point where visuals used purely for commercial and propaganda means are no longer made to be understood as such, or to say differently, they are no longer distinguishable from the story, actors and environments of the entertainment directed content we see in cinemas, books and on TV.
Today product placement is a booming industry used to connect fictional aspirations, dreams and mental projections of the authors ideas, materialised in movies and books, with real products and services of todays society, in favour of making commercial products subconsciously connected with abstract ideas of freedom, progress, love, … Today’s happening being an organic evolution of Edward Bernays’s idea of PR, my work does not criticise the fact, that product placement has come to be entangled so deeply with the creative industry, but wishes to explore the new step in understanding how commercials work, and how we now perceive them. Where on one side we have services that can erase commercials or skip over them while watching our movies, the commercials inside the movies being watched are impossible to skip and improbable to be erased. As commercial propaganda will probably never really leave our lives, the question is where in todays society the thin line of product and services propaganda ends, and the conveying of ideas, aspirations and visions, begins.

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