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waste not, want not

curated by Lily Brooke

1st-5th February 2017 (by appointment only)
room. 3 Ada Road, London, SE5 7RW
Private View: Tuesday 31st January 2017, 7-9pm

Self-improvement is rife in our society; consumerism churns idealism and with it unrealistic and unreachable expectations. Mass produced items are bought and cherished whilst soon forgotten and replaced. It is refreshing to see practices that ridicule and repurpose our materialistic objects and objectives. The parallels between Sokoll and Targett’s work are plentiful, but their attitudes to our materialistic society differ considerably. The juxtaposition of each artist adopting adjacent spaces gives voice to their differing outlooks. Sokoll manipulates soft fabrics producing curvature whilst providing comfort in the repurposing of found objects, whereas Targett ’s harsh lines and clinical textures contradicts this, inviting a similarly clinical opinion of brainwashing society. Where both artists seem to be in agreement with the absurd materialistic intent, the work of Sokoll is optimistic whereas Targett’s is brutally unforgiving.

The juxtaposition of Sokoll and Targett isn’t a competition but rather an acknowledgement of differing methods found alongside a formidable duality in the madness.

room. is a space negotiated between living and working; it will be a programme of occasional exhibitions in a house.

It acts as a platform for showcasing work without becoming bankrupt.

Flurina Sokoll describes her working process as moving into intimate fields where she installs, furnishes and makes herself at home; it’s a very fragile territory and it’s not only about questions of comfort. She’s excited at how the atmosphere changes after a few interventions. What remains are tentatively mounted phrases in the form of sculptural assemblages and space-filling installations using a multimedia approach, slightly building up a fragmentary environment. Carefully arranged compositions run against spontaneous actions and practical measures in order to connect with the given architecture. Objects are remnants from previous interventions, found materials or just a fragment thereof. They form loose collections and act as a pool or a pallet of thoughts and memories.
Flurina Sokoll Website

Ted Targett’s practice involves acts of articulation which are abstracted into mute physicality, frequently alluding to past lives and lost moments. With an interest in the mechanisms of the art market and how an artist’s voice can become reduced into a nonsensical absurdity, his work negotiates the dilemmas of contingency and persistence through everyday disposable actions. The de-contextualisation that occurs from his enquiries, introduces an irregular oscillation from the intimate to the inhuman, the banal to the desirable, and the transient into the permanent. Targett investigates the extent to which he can assert himself in a space that has been emptied, commenting on the static, unchanging character of the gallery context. A lot of the artistic interventions cannot be completely removed, and the works become imprinted on the memory of the room.

Flurina Sokoll (b. Switzerland 1986). Currently at the SLADE School of Fine Art London, MFA Sculpture. University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, Fine Art BA (2015). Advanced College Careum, Zurich, Swiss Red Cross Diploma (2009). Exhibitions include CHROMA: Green Issue, Art Hub Gallery, London (2016), CHROMA: Black and White Issue, The Crypt Gallery, London (2016), COLLECTION, Kunst 15, Zurich (2015), DEGREE SHOW, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland (2015), THE REBOOM, Raum No. 18 DuflonRacz, Berne, Switzerland (2015) and published in BleachedBleached Issue No.4 by IKO IKO Los Angeles (2014).

Ted Targett (b. London 1995) Wimbledon College of Art, Fine Art: Painting BA (2014-2017), Exhibitions include, What Happens To Us, Wimbledon Space, London (2016), I Just Brushed My Teeth, Kellinggasse 8, Vienna (2016), What Frames It Or Surrounds It, Aquarium Space, Vienna (2016), Collision/Divide, Soho Revue, London (2015), Transitory States, Harts Lane Studios, London (2015).

Ted Targett Website
Lily Brooke Website

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