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Wang Dawei’s solo exhibition

Exhibition Period: 2021.8.8-9.15
No. 11, Qiyun Road Economic Development District, Hefei, China

On August 8, 2021, KeYi Gallery will hold its fourth exhibition of the year. This time, we are pleased to welcome Dawei Wang, an artist residing in America, who will bring you a solo exhibition of the same name “Wang Dawei.” This is also the artist’s first collaboration with KeYi Gallery. This exhibition will feature over 30 significant works chosen from Dawei Wang’s three years of work.

During the home isolation period required for epidemic prevention, Dawei Wang began a new artistic exploration based on literary works. He made a series of paper works with oil-colored pencils as the medium. The artist mentioned in his self-report: “When reading these literary works, the storyline overlaps and resonates with my real world. So I naturally started thinking image-based.” The content of this batch of works is derived from three books: Thomas Pynchon’s “V”, Denis Johnson’s “Jesus’ Son” and Kazuo Ishiguro’s “A Pale View of Hills”.

Acrylic paints, water-soluble oil paints, oil-colored pencils, and other diverse materials are among Dawei Wang’s artistic expression media. His creations are mostly based on observation of reality, with a dash of imagination thrown in for good measure. The artist’s unique perspective, language and poetic and restrained paintings are presented in this manner.

Dawei Wang, born in 1984 in Shanghai, graduated from the MFA program at Fine Art College, Shanghai Normal University in 2015, now living in New York. He has participated in group exhibitions such as the FQ Projects New Generation Art Group Exhibition, FQ Projects Monologue Group Exhibition, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art “In Between Reality and Fiction” Animamix Biennale, FQ Projects “Loners” solo show, YUI Gallery “City Poetry” solo show, as well as the Shanghai International Contemporary Art Fair, Art Stage Singapore, ART021 and Sixteenth Annual Los Angeles Art Show.

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