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Videos by Lucinda Luvaas

I started producing video art in the ’90’s when I had a special opportunity to work with a student who got extra credit to teach me some video post production techniques.

“Familiar Voices” started with thirty paintings. Each painting had a line of text and I took these to create a script. Then I enlisted friends to play the roles and thus made an audio track for the paintings. “Familiar Voices”, was shown at galleries around the USA. After exhibiting the works for some time I decided to produce a movie that combined the artwork and sound. The paintings were broken up into various images such as mouths, pointing fingers, eyes which then moved and undulated in the film. “Familiar Voices” is a social commentary piece about our perception of ourselves. It can be viewed on 3btv.com.

“Running Through History” is also a combination of video, paintings, drawings, photos and sound. The videos are Parts 1-4 and these took a number of years to produce. This multimedia piece was catalyzed by the events of 9/11. It prompted me to look back in history and “run” through it in order to feel and examine monumental events. “The Skeleton Rag,” is an excerpt from Part 3 of “Running Through History”, which deals with a vacation to Death Valley and the War in Iraq which started on March 19th, my birthday. It was the worst birthday I’ve ever had. My video work is closely stimulated and aligned with my fine art and this also applies to my sound compositions. I feel that all art stems from a similar place and that we can bring them together for a common sense of time, place and things.

“In the Tunnel” is based on a painting called Passage. Yet of these videos don’t belong to art works, but rather stand on their own such as: “Meditations” an excerpt from “Healing in the Language of Trees” and “Danse Surreal” an homage to Magritte and the Surrealists with the bowler hats and warped watches of time.

Currently I’m working on a video piece dealing with a sound composition called, “The Angry Forest”. In addition, I’m producing a biopic called, “Two From West Adams”, for an exhibition I’m having in the West Adams District which opens October 1st at the MuzeumM Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

You can view more of my videos on: videothequeartstream.com under artists/lucinda luvaas and the music on audiosparx.com, or productiontrax.com.

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