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30 November – 4 December 2018

Substrate Gallery
709 North Ridgewood Place
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Featured Artists:

Ale Barbieri , Mau Harrison , Bo Mi Jo, Dinesh Kamble, Dani Le Rose, Alexandra Mekhanik, Sabine Oecking , Angeline Payne, Diane Ponder, Sangie, Heide Scheerschmidt, Max Shuster, Jennifer Suellen, Bianca Turner, David Turner FRSA



Gabriel Fine Arts, London, UK, is pleased to present the 9th installment of Unity in Variety at the Substrate Gallery, in Los Angeles, USA.

The venue is well known for over a decade in the West Coast metropolis for its intriguing exhibition history.

The art show presents a mixed group of international artists who are exciting, vibrant and eclectic in their creative way of approaching the status quo regarding human being and the environmental concerns.

The essence of the exhibition is established in the universal narratives that bring us all together reminding everyone how art is without borders,  walls or restrictions,  only with inquiries about our own existence and the interaction we have with the natural world.

We are all humans from planet Earth. A giant ball flying through space. How far is the next Earth like planet? We better unite for peace and end all these useless money wasting wars on Mother Earth, our only home. United we could be building spaceships and traveling the universe. But instead we build missiles and point them at each other. Peace is the only solution. Lets end all these wars today.

Gabriel Fine Art



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