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Underwater Love

Yiorgos Chatzopoulos, Aggelos Potamianos, Michalis Baboussis

Mixing fashion with art has been a perfect match. My latest editorial occupied the acclaimed artist Michalis Baboussis who was inspired by the hard and soft textures of the clothes and recreated a haunting and avant garde scenery of the underwater life. True inspiration always lingers on the fading line between imagination and reality.Yiorgos Chatzopoulos

Yiorgos Chatzopoulos

Growing up next to a grandfather who took walks to the flower market in a camel pinstripe suit, my love for clothes made an early and decisive appearance in my life. While I was studying italian literature, I decided to take a chance upon my childhood dream for a career in fashion and started working as Junior Fashion Editor for the greek editions of international media brands such as the InStyle and People. My work has been published on digital magazines such as Vogue Italia, Kaltblut, Noctis and Vulkan and I have been doing freelance work for fashion brands, record companies and ad agencies. I consider fashion one of the vibrant and evolving forms of art and I let my creative conciousness define my life to the tiniest detail. Never forgetting the aesthetic lessons that innovators of the past and present have taught me.

Photographer: Aggelos Potamianos (Instagram: @aggelospp)
Collage art: Michalis Baboussis (Instagram: michalis_baboussis)
Fashion editor: Yiorgos Chatzopoulos (Instagram: @thirdkiddo)
Model: Julia (Dmodel)

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