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We would like to invite you to a trip to the sea, in the Greifswald museum shipyard.
There we will show our new work “Über das Meer”.
Alex Giegold und Tomka Weiß

Vernissage: Sunday, May 15th 2016,
4pm Greifswalder Museumswerft
Salinenstraße 20, 17489 Greifswald

Live: „the hinking sinking ladies“ 7pm
Exhibition: May 15th – 25th 2016
Opening hours: daily 2-6pm
free entry


In the installation “Über das Meer” three seafarers tell us what the ocean’s freedom means to them and what their dream boats look like. One captain, one woman who fled by boat, and one cruise vacationer. Being 25, 39 and 75 year old, these three people have quite a different perspective on the world. Still, their dream boats are similar in unexpected aspects. A naval architect drew building plans (general plan drawings) for the three dream boats. On a scale of 1:1 the drawings cover the Greifswalder Museumswerft’s floor and walls. The women’s voices fill the room. They tell about their lives, about boats, self-determination, and the longing for freedom.

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