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“Truths, dreams and peace” BOOK PRESENTATION

‘Truths, dreams and peace’ by Demetra Socratous | Illustrated by Charalampos Epaminondas

Demetra Socratous has presented her poetry collection for children titled ‘Truths, dreams and peace’ on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at the Bank of Cyprus Hall in Pafos.

The poetry collection has been awarded by the Cyprus IBBY – Cyprus Association of Children’s and Young Adults’ Books in the framework of the Contest for unpublished poetry collection in memory of Evgenia Paleologou Petronda (June 2016), with the following reasoning:

The poetry collection “Truths, Dreams and Peace” stands out for the originality, the playfulness of the lyrics and the joy of life conveyed through the poems addressed to children aged 8 to 12. These poems, with a rigorous and varied rhyme, portray the whole world of the child, talking about everyday life situations but also about serious issues, always in an authentic, honest and supportive context respecting the child and its emotional maturity.

The book constitutes a poetic wandering in children’s truths, dreams and peace. It is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus for the Teacher and Student Library.

Mr. Antonis Pillas, teacher and poet, and Mr. Tasos Aristotelous, poet, children’s books writer and publisher, presented the poetry collection. The book presentation program included welcoming remarks by the Member of the Board of the Cyprus IBBY – Cyprus Association of Children’s and Young Adults’ Books, Mr Loukas Panayi, by Ms Elena Tsimouri on behalf of the Cyprus Youth Board Officer, Mrs. Eleftheria Christoforou, by the Visiting Lecturer at Neapolis University, President of the Pancyprian Peace Council and President of the Pafos Arts and Literature House, Mr. Stelios Sofoklis and lastly by the President of the Pafos District Committee of the Pancyprian Greek Teachers Organization (P.O.E.D.), Mr. George Georgiades. Mr. Charalampos Epaminondas, the book illustrator and Ms Demetra Socratous, the poet, expressed their appreciation in their speeches.

The Children Choir of the Cyprus Russian Association of Pafos presented wonderful songs in four different languages, under the direction of maestro Mrs Anna Izmailova. Furthermore, the event included drama performances by the Pafos Theatrical Institute under the artistic direction of Mrs Valentina Polykarpou. The book presentation program was coordinated by Mrs Demetra Sieli, Philologist.

The net proceeds from the book sales have been made available for specific charity cause.

The event took place with the support of the Bank of Cyprus, the Youth Organization of Cyprus, the Youth Initiatives Program, the Pancyprian Greek Teachers Organization (P.O.E.D.), the Cyprus Russian Association of Pafos, the Pafos Theatrical Institute, ANTAMOSIS and the sponsorship of FIKARDOS Winery, Sunfresh Bakeries, Papantoniou Supermarkets.


The writer

Demetra Socratous was born in Chloraka village in Paphos, Cyprus. She graduated from the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Cyprus having accomplished a minor degree in French Studies (2005). She received a Master Degree in Drama and Theater in Education at University of Warwick in England (2007). She is a primary school teacher, a drama facilitator, a human rights and peace trainer. She was the Coordinator of the ‘Youth and Culture’ Workshop of Pafos 2017 Cultural Capital of Europe back to 2012, as well as the co-Coordinator of the Cyprus Youth Network of the European Cultural Parliament. She writes tales, short stories and poetry, being awarded in Greece and Cyprus. The book ‘Mary and the White Pea’ on the special topic of children’s cancer constitutes her first publishing effort (2015). The collection of ‘Truths, Dreams and Peace’ has been awarded by the Cyprus IBBY –  Cyprus Association of Children’s and Young Adults’ Books in the Contest for unpublished poetic collection in memory of Evgenia Paleologou Petronda (June 2016).

The illustrator

Charalambos Epaminondas was born in Stroumbi village in Paphos, Cyprus. Very early he tended to Arts showing a very deep interest in Tradition. He recorded old traditional storytellers and wrote down their stories and fairy-tales. He studied Cypriot Art from antiquity to present, focusing in mosaics, sculpture, icons, architecture and literature. He studied Theology at University of Thessaloniki and later Painting-Byzantine Art at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. He wrote and illustrated ten books, mostly children’s books. Two of his books ‘Garyfalia’ and ‘The Enchanted Princess’ have been awarded the Literature and Illustration State Awards in Cyprus. Charalambos writes, illustrates and presents his work in Cyprus and abroad.

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