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Tree Time

Curated by Daniela Berta and Andrea Lerda

Museo Nazionale della Montagna – CAI Torino
30.10.19 – 23.02.20

Museomontagna is delighted to announce the opening of its Tree Time exhibition at 6 pm on Tuesday 29 October. This project follows on from a process initiated in 2018 to explore the major environmental issues of which the mountain habitat is a protagonist in this early part of the 21st century.

The exhibition route focuses on trees, woods and forests, their protective role, their development as they adapt to a constantly changing environment and their growing fragility, caused by direct human actions and the secondary effects of ongoing climate change.

Aron Demetz, Evidenza dislocata, 2018, legno carbonizzato e gesso, 175x45x35 cm. Courtesy l’artista e Galleria Doris Ghetta, Ortisei. Foto Maria Chiara Piglione.

From Storm Adrian – which tore down entire forests in northern Italy in 2018– to the unprecedented wildfires that have recently devastated the Arctic. From arson at the service of industrial agendas to the deforestation of the Amazon Forest that is wiping out biodiversity and cultural habitats, aggravating the release of CO2 into the atmosphere and accelerating global warming.

Drawing on these recent events, Tree Time raises a number of questions on forest management and caring for the mountain environment, on plant health and on communication strategies in the event of parasitic attack. It examines the legacy of global warming and current anthropic dynamics, and their role in accentuating the pathogenic mechanisms that have, for some time, been endangering the integrity of vegetal ecosystems.

On a varied and inter-generational route where paintings and photographs dialogue with audio and video works, sound installations and site-specific interventions, Tree Time takes visitors on a journey that begins in the present and looks to the future by drawing on the experience of the past. The whole narration revolves around two occurrences that bring fresh relevance to the concept of caring for trees, forests and the mountain environment as a whole.

The project casts a bridge back in history to the foundation of the Associazione Pro Montibus per la protezione delle piante e per favorire il rimboschimento (an association championing plant protection and reforestation) established in Turin in 1898 and the first Festa degli Alberi (National Tree Planting Day) celebrated at the Palestra of the Club Alpino Italiano at the Monte dei Cappuccini in Turin on 18 September of the same year.
The exhibition emphasises the twofold value of the concept of care in the human/tree relationship at this particular moment in time and allocates space to the extraordinary persona of Ermenegildo Zegna, his “eco-mindset” and his impressive achievements in tree planting and the promotion and management of the mountain environment around Trivero (Biella) from the 1930s on.

Curated by Daniela Berta and Andrea Lerda, Tree Time presents works by 20 international artists in dialogue with significant photographs and historic documents belonging to the Museomontagna Centro Documentazione and Biblioteca Nazionale del CAI.
The project is further boosted by a number of historical and scientific contributions by Matteo Garbelotto, Director of the Berkeley Forest Pathology and Mycology Lab and Adjunct Professor at the Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department of the University of California.

The project also avails of the precious collaboration of the Assessorato alle Politiche per l’Ambiente of the Città di Torino, the Centro di Competenza per l’Innovazione in Campo Agro-ambientale Agroinnova of the University of Turin, the Orto Botanico di Torino, the Istituto per le piante da legno e l’ambiente (IPLA) of Turin, Fondazione Zegna and Fondazione Edmund Mach of Trento.

Exhibiting artists: Gabriela Albergaria, Luca Andreoni, Paola Angelini, Thomas Berra, Joseph Beuys, Ursula Biemann and Paulo Tavares, Walter Bonatti, Gabriella Ciancimino, Aron Demetz, Hannes Egger, Ilkka Halso, Helen Mayer Harrison & Newton Harrison, Fosco Maraini, Marzia Migliora, Uriel Orlow, Sunmin Park, Giuseppe Penone, Steve Peters, Giusy Pirrotta, Craig Richards, Vittorio Sella, Giorgia Severi, Wolfgang Tillmans and Santeri Tuori.

On the occasion of the Tree Time exhibition, and thanks to the collaboration with L’Artistica Savigliano, the Museomontagna publishes the first catalog of art in Italy made of Stone Paper 100% TreeFree. The highly innovative material consists of 80% stone (calcium carbonate) with a small amount (20%) of high density polyethylene (HDPE) used as a binder. 100% water repellent, durable, does not require chemical treatments to be carried out. Furthermore, the production process of Stone Paper does not use water or polluting materials. Stone Paper’s carbon footprint is 67% lower than that of traditional paper and no tree is cut down to produce this material.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a Public Programme held throughout the exhibition period.

In conjunction with Tree Time, the Museomontagna Cinema is showing Radico Ergo Sum, a special photographic tree project by Tiziano Fratus in which this celebrated writer presents a selection of photographs taken on his many trips worldwide visiting the most fascinating monumental trees. This moving visual narration dialogues with his poems, writings and materials.



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