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Top tips for delivering artwork to customer

This article will show you how to ensure that your artwork is delivered safely and on time. It gives you some top tips for making sure that your artwork arrives in one piece, no matter what the weather conditions are. By following the advice below, you will ensure that your art will arrive undamaged and ready to hang!

Make sure you have the right tools

In order to deliver your artwork, you will need to make sure that you have the right tools with you. Research the best method of keeping your own mediums safe. If you can, a special protective tube will work well in most cases. If you choose to use bubble wrap make sure that you put the smooth side against your artwork, the bubbles facing out – this should avoid any bubble impressions showing on your work.
If your work is a sculpture, don’t use packaging peanuts – they shift in transit, moving up the box while your art moves down meaning the entire base is unprotected.
Don’t forget good packing tape – there’s no point in spending money on good quality packing for your art if the tape you use to hold it all together snaps after two hours in transit.

Make sure it is secure

Make sure to wrap your artwork up as well as possible, so that it is well protected from water or being bashed around. You want to ensure that your artwork is immobile in its packaging as any movement will potentially cause damage. If you are not using a tube, ensure that your artwork is as flat as possible and packaging is rigid. You don’t want even the possibility of it being bent or warped in the post, as this may cause damage to your work.

Make sure it is cost-effective

When delivering your artwork to customers, you need to make sure the process is cost-effective for you and your business. There are overheads to consider, such as the cost of packaging and delivering your item to the customer. It makes sense to buy packaging materials in bulk and to advertise for courier jobs to help deliver your work. Once you’ve found the right courier, make sure they never travel empty so you get the most out of each delivery. Delivering multiple items at once will help you to save on costs and keep logistics to a minimum.

Make sure it looks the part

When delivering the artwork to customers, it’s also worth considering the look of your delivery. The last thing you want is for your artwork to arrive looking untidy or in a state that could affect its value. It pays to go all-out and use branded materials that display your business logo and name – this will make sure that recipients know exactly where the artwork is from.


To ensure that your artwork arrives with your customer in one piece, you need to concentrate on wrapping it properly and securely. Try to promote your business by using branded materials and make sure that your items are shipped as cost-effectively as possible. With these tips, you are ready to make sure your packaging is effective and that no artwork arrives damaged or late.

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