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Toilet paper beauty by Jo Fabbri.


Soon we will release our next issue, in the meantime we would like to introduce you Jo Fabbri who will be one of participating artists. Recently she had an exhibition “Toilet paper beauty” in Dream Factory Club (Milan, Italy); below you can see a few pictures from the opening.

Jo Fabbri website
Dream Factory website
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Toilet paper beauty Exhibition“Toilet paper beauty” Exhibition
Jo FabbriJo Fabbri

Jo Fabbri
is a young Italian artist. Born in 1985 she has been painting for fifteen years, in which she has tried to improve her technique. Since she began to paint, Jo has been focusing on portraits of famous people and not, only now she has begun to experiment new types of paintings, while keeping her focus on portraits, but also concentrating on entire bodies and objects.

SelfportraitJo Fabbri, Selfportarit

This young artist privileges the painting technique of acrylic on canvas, sometimes accompaniend by other types of material, for instance spray. She paints prevalently on big canvases to amplify the impact of her work.

For the realization of her work, Jo’s inspiration comes from photographs, from these she evidences the shadows and creates bichromatic images which she then recreates on canvas, through the arrangement of colors and her techniques she achieves strong expressions. Color is the key factor in her work; she always tries to match the right color for the oarticular subject or object in question.

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