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Threads Exhibition | Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month
1 -12 March 2017
Opening Night – 2 March 6-9pm
Espacio Gallery 159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG

Artists from varied creative practices, background, culture and countries coming together for this most expressive exhibition. Exploring the threads that connects us through our experiences, humanity, gender, friendship and relationship; across the division of country, culture, language, and religion. Sharing the rich tapestry woven from the myriad experiences of individual lives.

Threads showcases the work of more than 50 artists from around the world in a specially-curated show for Women’s History Month featuring a host of special events. Expect an international exploration of the threads that transcend the divisions of country, culture, language, and religion to connect us all through our gender, humanity, experiences, friendship and relationships.

Participating Artists:

Alke Schmidt, Amanda Gizzi, Andrea Coltman, Barbara Ash, Beatriz Acevedo/Carmen Lamberti, Breda Stacey, Brigitte Boldy, Camila Fontenele, Candice Flewharty, Carolan, Cheryl Gould M.R.B.S., Cinthya G. Picazo, Danielle Feldhaker, Diane Maclean, Elspeth Penfold, Emily Tull, Farnoush Aminimoghadam, Fiona Bradford, Francesca Busca, Furrah Syed, Georgina Talfana, Heather Jukes, Jim Forster, Jenny Price, Jill Gibson, Jo Evans, Judith Bieletto, Kanwal Dhaliwal, Kate Newington, Laurence Cammas, Laura Bello, Lida Sharet Massad, Lisa Cirenza, Lucia Colella, Maisie Parker, Maria Hi San, Marianne Frank, Marie Kårsjö., Massimo Onnis, Monica Kiszegi, Nicola Weir, Norma D. Hunter, Patsy Hickman, Rachel Pearcey, Richard Heys, Rilexie, Sally Grumbridge, Sally Hewett, Salma Patel, Sarah Payne, Suly Bornstein Wolf, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Teresa Chlapowski, Youngsook Choi, Zena Assi, Film by Lucy and Layla Swinhoe

More about Artists

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2 – 6 pm

Join any anytime during the day, talks, art, tea, cakes, laughter
2:30 pm – Connected by a String – where each person is connected to another by a string for a period of time (participation not mandatory)
3:30 pm – Beatriz Acevedo – “Fairytales of Menopause”
4:30 pm – Talk – Woman’s Trust
5:00 pm
– Laughing Circle – Bring a clean joke :)​


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