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“The Roman Quarantine” by Elisa Colarossi

“The Roman Quarantine” is an illustration project by Elisa Colarossi. It wants to tell the daily life and routine of the lockdown through colourful, delicate and relaxing images.

Elisa Colarossi is an illustrator from Rome, Italy. She’s 28 years old and she studied art for a long time. She drew for many years of her life and her style has always been very bright and warm, but she stopped for a period of time. Until now, when she discovered again that art is fundamental for her.

During this strange historical time, the pandemic of the covid19, she found a relief in art. Being in lockdown is not easy, but she has found a way to bring warmth and colours, coming back to where her roots are: art.

Her project “The Roman Quarantine” is a positive message, a splash of colour on a world that now is fighting a very difficult battle. Her project wants to make people smile and feel good when they look at it. A visual diary of how special our gestures are now: doing the laundry, having an aperitivo on the window with your pet, preparing homemade pizza or simply reading a book.
She loves her city, Rome, and she tries to represent it alive and happy, despite the moment we are living in right now.

“The Roman Quarantine” will continue until the end of the Italian lockdown, like a daily diary. Because we have to find beauty and positivity, even in the toughest times.

Elisa Colarossi @Instagram
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