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The Revolutionary Art of Mark Dolamore

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we’ve created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift

Groundbreaking discoveries are thin on the ground in the field of fine art, which is odd, given the amount of invention that goes on in there. The deficiency reflects what Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we’ve created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. That amnesia and all the world’s woes stem from civilization’s failure to develop working synergy with the spirit of nature through intuition.

Mark Dolamore proposes his Pyramid act as the sharp instrument able to burst the bubble of our self inflicted servitude. It demonstrates how liberation lies beyond our “reasonable” paradigm. It came from his lifelong pursuit of meaningful coincidence.

Synchronicity is a visitation of nature’s magic, but few of us give chase. It came to Mark at a crisis in his late 20’s and then stayed, following a tuning-in process that led him from London to Brazil, on to Canada, to Brazil again and then back to Europe. At one point, while he was living in Sao Paulo, it dictated a change of artistic direction. That’s when he switched to a systems approach where mathematical structure provides evidence. Do you truly think it coincidence the Pyramid emerged on Oct 17th 1987: Black Monday?

The Pyramid offers meaning the like of which should not exist if the materialist paradigm is correct. Technically it’s the pattern of “interference” when two binary coded data sets from the world’s oldest constantly used book are combined through a simple formula. There can therefore, be no rational explanation for the apocalyptic meaning the symbolism contains unless we consider one of the binary code sequences is Bronze Age and the other is twentieth century. So, the meaning emerging must belong to an immortal spirit within the dynamics of space-time, governing the evolution of civilization and the Jungian phenomenon of synchronicity.

The Pyramid reveals the character of this guiding spirit. The imagery looks like a language that could be human, but actually not as we know ourselves now. In the centre, the letter N is overlaid with an arrow pointing east, suggesting a compass. It points at the five line sketch of a butterfly flying east. The symbol suggests genius, fertility and metamorphosis from beast to beauty, which becomes truly uncanny when the Pyramid is rotated through 90 degrees, to point west. The guidance tool then transforms into the first and last letters of the Roman alphabet, suggesting a London street guide and our route out of the labyrinth. The symbolism echoes Greek myth and the Alpha and Omega, the symbol for eternity used on Christian tombs under Rome. While the butterfly now flies overhead, to the west, the change of direction through 180 degrees begs this question: Where did the extra 90 degree shift of direction appear from? Synergistic engagement through the butterfly effected tuning-in process is suggested. Its image is represented like a signature, drawn in one continuous line, changing direction just four times.

Mark Dolamore’s art reveals feedback with nature as something we should all cultivate, since there’s no greater meaning than experiencing its sovereign spirit of beauty. This speaks to the Gaia affect we should be pursuing if we truly wish to save this planet from ourselves. It also challenges the notion of free will. The art demonstrates the freedom we think we own is a contradiction, when we consider paranormal experiences like déjà vu, parapraxis (Freudian slip) and synchronicity as its observational source.

The Pyramid represents evidence of a timeless spirit we are all unconsciously manipulated by 24/7. Would it be its goodness now sending us to the dogs?

The only place science has identified timelessness is in the phenomenon known as quantum entanglement. This universal process is something hidden, but undoubtedly inherent in the way the mind works. If synchronicity is guiding feedback from there, as Dolamore claims, it will be confirmed through his associated systems artwork: Papolona (the Catalan word for butterfly). This collaborative project is now available for anyone to join. It offers contributors the chance to tune-in to nature’s deepest level through a remote lab interface with the quantum field.

Science exposed timelessness, giving it the uninspiring name: Non-Locality. The development came out of the late Irish physicist, John Bell’s experimental design work aimed at resolving the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox and the truth behind quantum entanglement. Bell suggested an unpalatable explanation if timelessness was indeed proven, and since it was it means everything in the universe must be predetermined. In other words the timeless dimension is everywhere and through our creative, intuitive questioning, decides our destiny. We certainly should not let its dark side remain in control by ignoring it. Pyramid Art is the first discovery in any field to prove that principle.

Pyramid Art by Mark Dolamore
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