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The Last Frontier / Última Frontera: La Subjetividad del Territorio

Curated by V. Nicolás Koralsky
January 23 – April 14, 2017

This exhibition presents the work of nine Latin American artists whose work explores the concept of “borders” from various points of view.

lastfrontierimageHidropoética, Sandra Ulloa and Nataniel Álvarez (Chile), video installation, dimensions variable

Encouraging dialogue between perceptions and representations, The Last Frontier calls into question, from dissimilar concepts, notions such as space, time, movement, origin, artificiality, nature, crack, fault, violence, destiny, landscape, journey, limit and place. It attempts to articulate an idea of humanity in the modern age, while revealing a complex analysis of nationalism. The exhibition highlights a variety of creative techniques and processes ranging from digital art to the performance.

Curator: Vatiu Nicolas Koralsky (Argentina)
Research: Isabel Salazar Bravo (Chile)
Idea: Arte Bajo Cero Julio Gaete Ardiles + Sebastian Trujillo (Chile)


  • Arte Bajo Cero: Julio Gaete Ardiles + Sebastian Trujillo (Argentina/Chile)
  • Colectivo Última Esperanza: Sandra Ulloa + Nataniel Alvarez (Chile)
  • Felipe Garcia Huidobro (USA/Chile)
  • Claudia Vásquez (Chile)
  • Ж (Brasil)
  • Gabriela Munguia (México)
  • Marco Saravia (Ecuador)
  • Paola Michaels (Colombia)





Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery
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