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The iconic Sanremo Casino welcomes the artist Houda Bakkali

“Divertimento” is dedicated to the Sanremo Casino and it is one of the main pieces of the “Loving Italy” series, the latest artwork signed by the visual artist Houda Bakkali.

The artwork “Divertimento”, included in the Loving Italy collection, expresses the joy and happiness of the Gaming House, where elegance, music, fun and magic can be transmitted through joy and colour.

Houda Bakkali has illuminated Monaco this summer with her work “Life is beautiful”.
Her upcoming various artistic events will bring her to Europe and the States and then return to the Sanremo Casino, where she will be able to exhibit her series “Loving Italy”.

“We thank Houda for the passion that she expresses with her overwhelming colours towards our city, our flowers and our Casino” – underlines the councillor Barbara Biale, member of the Board of Directors of the Sanremo Casino – “I have already been able to admire the work “The flowers of happiness” donated to the Museum of the Flower, is structure to which I have remained very attached. This is the beginning of my evaluation and testimony of the indissoluble relationship with the city and its floral tradition. And it should be noted that in the early years the Museum of Flowers became central in promoting tourism and the culture of our floricultural production and tradition. The artwork “Divertimento” operates, it squeezes the same energy as the strength of colour with which Houda will be able to transfer its message of excellence into the future, even at the Casino“.

Loving Italy Series

This series has a dual look. On the one hand, it’s inspired by settings that evoke the splendour of Italy, its festive and fun character, its exuberance, its artistic everyday life, its aesthetic elitism, its intensity and creative excellence, its passions… It’s a visceral and passionate artwork. A contemplative conception of beauty and shapes, recognizable, easy to understand and close, a commitment to colour and beauty. Art without fear, without regrets, a tribute to hope and happiness in these dark times. This series looks at the essence of the Renaissance, Baroque or Romanticism, periods where the universal geniuses of art left us as their inheritance all the master formulas that today we still continue to recreate.
On the other hand, “Loving Italy” represents a reflection about the vicious circles of art nowadays, with its excesses and its vanities. A reflection about this reality through the ironic image of the protagonist, always the same. Sometimes funny and other times a slave to its own superficiality absolutely addicted to itself and to the judgment of others. Art should make us free, it should serve to make others happy, not make us prisoners of a carnival that only feeds the ego.
The work shows that dual reality without fear of altering the order of things to discover harmonically disordered and dreamlike scenarios, but always conciliatory.


This series is based on mixed techniques: illustration, collage and digital photography, in combination with acrylic paint. In addition, each artwork has an animated version that the public can see through an app, seeking with this technological process to bring art to life. During its exhibition, the public will also be able to enjoy each artwork through augmented reality, making visitors immerse themselves in each piece and become a part of the creation.

The artist

Houda Bakkali is a visual artist and art director based in Barcelona, Spain. Her colourful works have been exhibited worldwide and her techniques and creative process have been recognised by different international magazines and institutions, including the Palazzo Bellevue, the Museum of Flowers in Sanremo (Italy) or the Spain Culture in New York. Her work is created by combining digital illustration and mixed techniques as well as motion graphics and augmented reality. In 2008 she published her first series called “Africa sweet and Pop”, a series based on the digital collage technique. Afterwards, she has developed numerous graphics projects as well as audiovisuals. In 2018 the series “Beautiful African Woman” projected the artist onto the international scene, winning prestigious awards such as The New Talent Award at the Artists of The World International Festival in Cannes.

In the digital age, in which the human component appears increasingly powerless in the face of a foreign and impersonal macrosystem, Houda uses new artistic techniques as a tool for a peaceful protest, as a means to reinvent the world by claiming the centrality of the human being incorporating augmented reality into her creations to give a different dimension to each artwork and making the public enjoy an immersive experience, bringing art to life.

Her artwork has been honoured with awards from the American Illustration (NY), the New Talent Award at the International Festival Artists of the World in Cannes, London International Creative, Paris Design Award, Creative Quarterly (New York), and for three times Graphis Silver Award (New York), among others distinctions. Houda Bakkali has worked for different companies and organizations managing different projects, both visual art and communications, as well as multimedia and interactive design, audiovisual projects, editorial, etc. Houda Bakkali is a member of The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and the art director of La Bonita Digital.

Houda Bakkali and Alessandro Il Grande, President of the Sanremo Communal Council


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