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The FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO online meetings

The FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO online meetings, to be held on March 29, 30 and 31, 2021, will include professionals and researchers dedicated to the areas of digital memory, cultural heritage preservation and information technology, present in six round tables, presenting case studies, examples of archives and conservation strategies for organizations that aim the free dissemination and protection of art and technology collections.

The event’s goal is to explore themes focused on the challenges imposed by the process of archiving media art, mapping and interconnecting metadata. Based on the results obtained at the meetings, a White Report will be produced and published containing the main reflections raised by the specialized professionals. The sessions will be broadcast live and access will be free.

Realized by the independent non-profit cultural organization FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, the project FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO is supported by the São Paulo state funding agency PROAC, through the EDITAL PROAC ESPRESSO LAB, in order to promote the “Production and Realization of Festival of Culture and Creative Economy with Online Presentation”. This type of support has played an important role in FILE since its founding in 2000.

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