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The 2016 edition of WB Wurzel Bewegung focuses on multimedia and performance: 4 video Installations, 2 sound Installations and 3 dance Performances will make up the peak of this year’s artistic creation in Wittenberg. Never before in its history has Wittenberg seen so many international artists who have multimedia as their tool of work. They have arrived with one single idea in Wittenberg, although new collaborations will grow into works full of intensity, content and imagination.
On 6 August, the showcase of the produced works can be visited at the Wittenberg Stadthaus.

. Anne Murray (Sp)

Mind Labyrinth s s. Beatriz Dias (Pt)

beatriz s
. Bon Bon (Lt)

bon s
. Daina Dieva (Lt)

WakingHours Daina s
. Greta Grinevičiūtė (Lt), Robert Gorman (Ch), Thomas Tajo (Be)

GretaRobertThomas s
. Helen Flanagan (UK)

. Juozapas Svelnys (Lt), Kinga Bartniak (Pl)

juozapas kinga s
. Laura Darbutaite (Lt), Greta Grinevičiūtė (Lt)

greta laura s
. Maurícia Neves (Pt)

thumbnail DSC 0090 maumau S

Project direction: Filipe Pinheiro
Executive Direction: Tina Kraatz
Performance Production: André de Campos (Pt)
Scenographic Production: Georgina Valenzuela (Sp)
Sound Production: Falk Andreas (De)
Multimedia Production: Leander Rössler (De)



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