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Tattoo artist Evaldas Gulbinas


I always feel satisfaction learning new things. My current project is to explore my creativity through tattooing, as a different media.

What I’ve learned in the past and I’m still learning. My goal is to create the style which is particularly liked by the people of the area in a tattoo studio, I work now. Putting my thoughts and skills all in one- it’s comes out on my recent style with my unique twist. My project is to work and create unique tattoo pieces on people skins, which gives me satisfaction from work and money, as well. After been graduated in BA Hons fine art mixed media, I felt, that I can create more and more-do good for people and change their life’s, though my creativity. In the past BA Hons fine art mixed I have gain skills which I want to use to change people life’s and do good for them.

My project is done thin lines with a bit wiping shade dot tattoos in delicate, aesthetic view, which people likes more in central London. My project is to master this style in my own unique twist. I want to achieve new possibilities for black and grey visual colours. I want to go deeper into the history of tattooing. I do small tattoos with details but they are expensive too. I guess I work on, not about the size of the drawing, but I work about the time you work on one piece. One small size tattoo or drawing takes lot’s of time to complete, but I get satisfaction- from work itself. I often like to change people’s mind about the design, but in the end, they are appreciated with good result. I feel sometimes that I work on people’s psychology and their problems, which is giving me the skill to understand better different kinds of people. I often analyse people’s ideas for there tattoos and communicate a message with the art-tattoo piece…

If the tattoo good-people can afford it. Reach people can pay for the tattoo, so why not to change your own style to sell it better. Sometimes I think it’s a bit of pain by switching your unique style…As I finished BA Hons fine art mixed media in University of Westminster London Uk, I am taking a break one year to focus deeper into tattooing. After I am willing to do masters in Fine art and stay in London. I will carry on creating art pieces. Tattooing helps me to communicate with the people and get known better London’s society. In my life always will be tattooing, but I really suffering to make big art pieces like paintings, sculptures, installations, multimedia and mixed media work. I think working through mixed media gives you a lot’s of skills and what’s most important is that is very enjoyable.

Evaldas Gulbinas – born in Lithuania, currently live and work in London, UK. Graduated from the University of Westminster, London, UK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Mixed Media. Participant of numerous exhibitions; his artworks focus on painting, sculpture, tattooing and spatial activities. The main motif in the artist’s works comprises geometric forms, processed in different ways, constituting elements of painting, sculpture and installation, as well as tattoo art present in the performance. In these works, geometric impressions of Evaldas Gulbinas, we can see a delightful play of colours and forms. Cut off from three-dimensional reality, they attract our attention with precision, brightness and flashiness In his works there is a very strong abstract art conception, mixed with contemporary art details such as light sculptures, ideas of minimalism and the relationship between art, craft, and tattooing. Evaldas Gulbinas art is the invisible but feel-able connection with dance and house music – the neon lights of his artworks is pulsating in dance rhythm this way creating never-ending vibration of colours.

Evaldas Gulbinas Official Website

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