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To be a practicing photographer, I use a point-and-shoot digital camera, 47-inch computer monitor, and my past art education. I couldn’t do it without today’s technology.Tammy Ruggles


Tammy’s newest project was taking candid photos at her nephew’s wedding. She is normally a nature, landscape, or abstract photographer, and shies away from people and wedding photography-not because she is shy, but, as a visually impaired artist, she says, “I can’t see if or when people are looking at the camera, or how the lighting is, or the expressions on faces”. That’s why candid shots appeal to her, and of course she couldn’t resist taking some of the wedding.


Tammy Ruggles is a legally blind photographer who lives in Kentucky. She uses a point-and-shoot camera set on auto, a 47-inch computer screen, and her past art education to practice photography.



To see more of her work, please visit her portfolios at the links below.

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