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Talking Field

A project by Riccardo Matlakas perfomed by Troi Lee, Ace Mahbaz, Natalie Matthias, Natalia Vilches, Andrew Downes, Christine DeBlase, Androula Kafa, Matthew Tayler. Talking field was performed at Nahmad Projects in London in occasion of the event: I am not Tino Sehgal launched by Francesco Bonami and Nahmad Projects.
Talking field was performed for 6 hours signing about the topic of environment, political issues, wars and solutions. Talking Field because audience is able to feel the density of the communication whilst in between the silent speakers. Solutions exist but perhaps they aren’t heard and probably when seen they could be acknowledged.

1-hour schedule (which was repeated six times)

The 6 hours performance was structured during 6 hours on the 7th of July from 12 to 6pm.
Each hour structured with 5 phases:

-PHASE 1: 10 minutes

STANDING IN A ROW: One person behind the other. The one positioned in the front will be signing any questions they have and move back to the end of the row and so on. This will go on continuously.

(At any Phase You are free to gravitate and interact all the time to the audience but make sure that at least the majority of you follow the structure given).

-PHASE 2: 15 minutes

CONTACT DANCE ALTERNATIVE GESTURE: this will give you a chance to have a break for ten minutes as myself and time keeper will occupy the space for this time. We will be dancing and communicate with enery and inspired by sign language but will not be signing, rather we will be inspired by sign language and work with it energetically.

-PHASE 3: 10 minutes

THE CIRCLE: Discuss together about your questions, give your opinions and be natural. Just chat about politics, issues and your own concerns about the planet.

-PHASE 4: 10 minutes

BUTOH WALK: I will come in at this point and together we will be walking slow motion, fast and freeze. We will start all together, walking towards the end of the room. You will have to follow me here.

This is a meditative moment where you can take a rest from communicating and find your inner space in movement and stillness.

-PHASE 5: 15 minutes

“THINKING ALOUD”: Here you will be “thinking aloud” individually. Each of you will find a position in the space and sign with her\himself. Sometimes approaching members of the audience and engage them in conversation.

Riccardo Attanasio in art Matlakas lived in London for 12 years whilst travelling abroad for different projects that involves graffiti, painting, performance art and participatory practice. The artist’s admits that his “work is going to shrink in terms of form but expand in terms of concept soon”. Matlakas also states: “I am very pleased and gratified to be chosen by Francesco Bonami and Nahmad Projects and to have given the chance to work with sign language, this is a chance for me to start a body of work which involves other performers, and expand the way “art sees art”, creating opportunities for people to be active participants, in this case BSL users or deaf. Some of the people involved like Ace Mahabaz is a professional performer and Andrew Downes a professional dancer and Shiatsu Practicioner. Together they will be creating a platform where in 6 hours things will develop and the ”Talking Field” will be witnessed directed by audience/participants.

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