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June 4, 2016

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L.XIV, George Bogiatzidis a.k.a. Boya, Robert van Bolderick, Nancy Calef, Agustin Ciarfaglia, C.Anthony Huber, Eric Jabloner, Marilena Karagkiozi, Lady Be, Lucinda Luvaas, Mark McAfee Brown, Ioana Alexandra Niculescu-Aron, Stacy.O, Omer Pekin, Dario Pellegrino, Haus des Rodriguez, VJay Seminiano a.k.a. Panama Jak, Matej Tomažin, Janina Wierusz Kowalska, Michael Woods

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May 27, 2016

“Literature & Art” Berkeley Central Arts Passage

This show focuses on how Literature and Art are often combined and through the combination enhance each other.. . . It also brings to the public a much broader view of art and

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