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June 19, 2016

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HOTEL by Ioana Alexandra Niculescu-Aron

…These buildings will accommodate the echo of my voice, placed in various art forms: painting, video, installation, performance. Inside each building I will therefore place an ensemble of voices with different intensities to represent privacy. I propose to abolish the idea of an art gallery in terms of exposure of my work in the favour of a fireplace. The walls that I will choose, shall have their part to play in an obsessive air, a creed, an artistic identity, a character. Each building will be a new self-portrait. I will expand the hotel chain worldwide.Ioana Alexandra Niculescu-Aron
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April 30, 2016

Mitteleuropa by Gino Scagnetti

Mitteleuropa – The history of the Habsburg myth is the story of a culture that lives with particular intensity, in its own peculiarities, the crisis and the transformation

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