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Success for Bongiovanni at the 57th Venice Biennale


The latest Daniele Bongiovanni’s exhibition in Venice was defined as “An exciting return” by the Italian press. After an extended period of international exhibitions, Bongiovanni returned to his studios, where he conceives and creates his works between Italy and Switzerland.

He there shaped a remarkable collection for the 57th edition of the Venice Biennale, grippingly titled: “Natura con Deus”, a homage to nature without contamination, made by landscapes which live thanks to an incursion of the “Deus”, a phenomenon that the artist defines as “unnoticeable, impalpable matter”, which places both art and life above the purely ordinary condition.


Work view Daniele Bongiovanni ”Natura con Deus” 2016. Oil and mixed media on panel.

Art critic Chiara Serri, in the “Speciale Biennale #97” edition of the well-known contemporary art magazine “Espoarte”, defined the work in its entirety “Landscape as echo of immutable beauty. Use of classic oil-based technique for lateral coatings and the introduction of new pigments – fluo and acrylic – which open themselves to contemporary styles. In Bongiovanni’s works, nature gradually emerges from painting, between real and dreamlike momentum”.

Even the national newspaper “La Voce di Venezia” (The voice of Venice) made a detailed analysis of his work, defining it as something excellent, able to speak of both social and poetic themes. The leading topic, the “edge”, also leads to new messages, such as the need to look at the world through our primary senses and, above all, through emotional intelligence.

Therefore, a fertile work, holding elements from the classic base technique, but drenched in a well-tidy experimentation. Various unusual pigments make up a particular iconography (the white sky and the gold that replace the most famous pigmentations of the landscape). Bongiovanni is thus on exhibition at the Venice Biennale with a series of captivating works, contextualized in two horizontal lines.

The elements are thirty and form a large fragmented frame, about three meters wide. As an artist of the “La Marge” exhibition curated by Daniele Radini Tedeschi, he, together with other personalities, was called to exhibit in a scenario that is the “stage” of many cultures: the Maya symbologies of Guatemala with both figurative and informal Western Art. The artist was not only the protagonist of what is happening in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi – Capello, but also in many other events internationally, such as the last Market Art + Design in Hamptons (New York), inside The Bridgehampton Museum, where Bongiovanni was the only Italian exhibiting artist. It is already known that he is working on both Art San Diego 2017, and a significant solo exhibition, alongside roman curator Claudio Strinati.

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