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Straw-k brand new concept in the art field

We are delighted to present you Alexandra Singer-Bieder & Sofia Bennani alias Straw-k, they created the Straw-k’Art, a brand new concept in the art field.

The Straw-k’Art was exhibited in Paris at the Modus Art Gallery, vernissage took place on Tuesday, May 5th. More about Straw-k you will find soon in our 6th issue!


courtesy: Straw-k

The Straw-k’Art is using the Straw-k, an innovative process where plastic drinking straws are melted together on the surface to create a very structural homogeneous material with strong aesthetic qualities and surprising interaction with light. The process is high-tech and artisanal at the same time. Indeed, every piece is modeled in 3D and the molds are manufactured with digital fabrication tools such as lasercut and CNC milling machines. However, each piece is unique, being filled straw by straw and melted by hand.

The process and the result are both essentials and represent Sofia and Alexandra’s statement as artists, designers and architects: “Today we should use new technologies to manufacture our ideas while still keeping the singularity of the craftsman work. Even though we are all buying the same things in our daily life, we are always seeking for something different, original and personal”.

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