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Following the roaring success of her 2014 solo textile art exhibition Big Swinging Ovaries, 32 year-old Berliner artist Jess de Wahls returns with a new show, #STOPJECTIFY. And this time she brings reinforcement.

#STOPJECTIFY invites the audience to reconsider the status quo we reside within, and question how we can break the age-old cycles that perpetuate objectification as a ‘normal’ fixture of everyday life.


Opening with a private view coinciding with International World Woman’s day 2016, the exhibition runs from the 7th to the 12th of March at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, Central London, W1T 1DR.

Gender equality has come a long way, but there is still a long road ahead. Objectification affects people of all gender, race and sexual orientation. It causes great harm to peoples’ mental health and self esteem, yet it seems an almost insurmountable task to shift people away from outmoded thought and behaviour patterns.

A textile artist predominantly exploring subjects of gender imbalance and feminism within her practice, de Wahls has curated a show that places her own art alongside works by an international cast of up-and-coming and established artists, including, Anne Bengard (Germany), Diane Goldie (UK), Ellen Schindermann (USA) and many more.

Exhibiting work from a wide variety of artistic practices, from visual arts, performance art to spoken word, de Wahls has created an exhibition that will inspire change and greater social consciousness, encouraging the viewer to self-reflect and identify the subtleties by which we all victimise and are victimised by objectification.

20% of all work sold will be donated to #Techmums, a social enterprise supporting women through technology, and Outskirts, a charity providing inclusive support through arts therapy, support groups and advice services to women and others who feel unassailably marginalised.


Textile artist Jess de Wahls in her studio with one of her hand-sewn and embroidered Retex-Sculpture portraits. (photo: Dafydd Owen)

Participating artists:

Alexandra Drawbridge, Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill, Anne Bengard, Annique Delphine, Apple Tart, Arcane Sin, Badger and Winters – #womennotobjects, Ben Hopper, Billy Chainsaw, Carmen Caro, Charlotte Baker, Chloe Stein, Diane Goldie, Ellen Schinderman, Glenn Fitzpatrick, HarlotVonCharlotte, Jess de Wahls, Josh Hunt, Karina Akopyan, Kirstin Barnes, Lena Trydal, Lucie Rachel, Manolo Ty, Marie-Louise Jones, Marnie Scarlet, Mary Rouncefield, Michelle Mildenhall, Mia-Jane Harris, Mr Hugo von Hugo, Niall Fraser, Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway, Sal Jones, Sally Hewett, Sarah Joy Ford, Sophie Parker, Tracy Satchwill, Vanja Karas, Wanskey, Yvonne Fueg

STOPJECTIFY opening (photos courtesy of Mary Rouncefeld)

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