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“Stop Trump” by Geoffrey Stein

Lastly, as the country approached the inauguration day and before protests organically formed all over the country in opposition to our new president and his hateful policies, I chose to fight back by making a mixed media piece STOP, 30” x 30” acrylic and ink on a metal stop sign. STOP was a rift on the “Stop the War” bumper stickers that were put on stop signs in the 1960’s and 70’s. The image is also a homage to the paint handling of Francis Bacon who would seemingly throw paint onto canvas to make an image.

I have turned this image into a 20” x 20” poster, Stop Trump, (attached) which I am selling for $100 and donating all profits to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. If anyone is interested in purchasing a poster, they should contact me via email at gsteinnyc@gmail.com.

Geoffrey Stein is a recovering lawyer, who has been painting full-time since 2000. He received an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2007. Stein lives and paints in New York City. He is represented by the Lionheart Gallery in Pound Ridge, NY and the Minster Gallery in the UK.

Geoffrey Stein Website
I paint to find out what I think about the world; to discover the things I do not have words for. I savor the slips of the hand that express one’s unconscious feelings about the person being painted. I am interested in the conversation between abstraction and realism. I do not want to make an academic copy of the model or a photo realistic illustration. My paintings explore the tension between what needs to be shown and what does not, the seen and the unseen.Geoffrey Stein
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