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‘Anicca’ a Pali word meaning inconstant, is commonly used to describe the Buddhist doctrine of impermanence.

Anicca 1 [1600x1200]
Using the term as a focal point, Steven Maybury intertwines cultural interests, artistic concerns and leisurely rituals as a reflection on our physical relationships in this world.


Maybury’s obsessive and peculiar method of ruling faults and forms of found objects discovered in his everyday routines, showcase an unexpected beauty hidden in the mostly expired and unwanted debris. Drawing on these surfaces with long periods of exposure to light, the artist looks to diffuse our obsession with archiving, security, permanency and preservation.

This beauty and energy rooted in such rhythms and cycles of our surroundings can also be seen in our relationship with personal rituals. Maybury uses the inevitable destruction of a skateboard as a sign of progression through a series of documented drawings comprised through choreographed routines.

Steven Maybury Website

12 – 29 May
Opening 12 May 6:30pm
The Library Project | 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin, Ireland D02 YK53

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