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STACY.O Berlin based contemporary painter.

The conceptual issues of my artmaking are based on an honest reflection of my own fears / emotions / thoughts …

It´s an invitation, to let go on masks…

To work up the courage to BE real …

The body of my work is a critical, questioning and quite censorious view on our presence.

It´s about the tension between desperately needed actions and the fear, to leave our comfort zones…

About the influence, everyone is called to exercise and the helplessness and resignation we face, concerning current events and ongoing crises.

I´m using violent motives combined with vulnerability, to visualize the war between good and evil that rages within in every human being (with a varying intensity, for sure…).

Technically, I´m using the effect of strong charcoal tracings and fixative, what creates a mix of transparent (vulnerable) and covering (powerfull) texture of acrylic paint. I prefer to work on unframed canvases, cause I want my pieces to breathe, to stay alive instead of confining them in a frame.


STACY.O (Anastasia Obaregbe) was born in 1982 in Bielefeld (Germany). She participated in many exhibitions including: “THE PEACE CONFERENCE ” SOLO EXHIBITION AT LEMOART GALLERY, BERLIN (GERMANY); “CONCEPTION“ GROUP EXHIBITION , NEW YORK CITY (USA) and OSTRALE “error:X“, GROUP EXHIBITION, DRESDEN (GERMANY). Graduated in 2000, since 2014 she lives and works in Berlin (Germany).

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