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sōma | Jenna Maslechko

NYU Tisch Photography and Imaging Senior Show 2017

performed, filmed and edited by Jenna Maslechko
music: Bilar by Ratatat
NYU Tisch Photography and Imaging Senior Show 2017

Movement is the most organic form of human expression. The ability to move my body gives me the opportunity to explore sensations beyond what I can see and experience in my tangible reality. Researching movement through photography, video, and animation is a way for me to investigate how sound and space interact. It is unique language and platform for me to communicate the complex and visceral experience of movement. This project is a visual abstraction of the way in which my mind and body engage with the response that music initiates within.Jenna Maslechko

Jenna Maslechko is a multimedia artist originally from Calgary, Canada and is currently attending New York University at the Tisch School of the Arts pursuing a BFA in Photography & Imaging with a Digital Design Minor. Her work primarily explores her passion for movement through various digital mediums.

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