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We would like to share with you new fantastic artworks created by Frédéric Drouin aka SMITH SMITH in collaboration with Timwnas. They created the following collages in two ways: first one started by Timwnas and ended with Smith Smith, second one started by Smith Smith and terminated by Timwnas. We think in art it is a great artists partnership example. Enjoy!

Started by Timwnas:

01. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. September

Brave the Shine
02. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. Brave the shine

The Lovers go home
03. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. The Lovers go home

In the shadow you throw
04. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. In the shadow you throw

Started by SMITH SMITH:

Bring it down

01. Timwnas & Smith Smith. Bring it down

Technicolor nightmare

02. Timwnas & Smith Smith. Technicolor nightmare

L’Instinct de Mort

03. Timwnas & Smith Smith. L'Instinct de Mort

Aflame with emotions of tomorrow

04. Timwnas & Smith Smith. Aflame with the emotions of tomorrow!

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