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SMITH SMITH & Timwnas! new collages

We would like to share with you new fantastic artworks created by Frédéric Drouin aka SMITH SMITH in collaboration with Timwnas. They created the following collages in two ways: first one started by Timwnas and ended with Smith Smith, second one started by Smith Smith and terminated by Timwnas. We think in art it is a great artists partnership example. Enjoy!

Started by Timwnas:

01. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. September

Brave the Shine
02. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. Brave the shine

The Lovers go home
03. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. The Lovers go home

In the shadow you throw
04. Smith Smith & Timwn Ask. In the shadow you throw

Started by SMITH SMITH:

Bring it down

01. Timwnas & Smith Smith. Bring it down

Technicolor nightmare

02. Timwnas & Smith Smith. Technicolor nightmare

L’Instinct de Mort

03. Timwnas & Smith Smith. L'Instinct de Mort

Aflame with emotions of tomorrow

04. Timwnas & Smith Smith. Aflame with the emotions of tomorrow!

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