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Ship Sculpture Exhibition by Geoff Latz and Angela Boyce

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 10:00am -Thursday, August 31, 2017 4:00pm

Two of Geoff Latz’s artworks are currently in an Exhibition at Hull Minster, as part of Hull 2017 City of Culture. These two large ship sculptures, entitled “Anne Galleon” and “China Seas” will be on public display until the end of August.

“Anne Galleon” and “China Seas”

Anne Galleon was inspired by the ships in the 16th-century Spanish fleet. This took him 1000 hours to complete and it was named in honour of his wife Anne. This has been created using various metals, mainly copper, includes 8 slow moving cannons powered by a motor and lights. China Seas was inspired by a Chinese super-junk ship. It depicts trade between East and West and reflects both ancient and modern technologies. It was created from a wood base plated in metal alloys. Some of the features include a large copper sail, metal containers, tiny stained glass windows and coloured copper wire sailors. Contains battery-powered LED lights.

Elvis Presley and Sir Bobby Moore

Two other artworks are collaborative pieces between Geoff Latz and Angela Boyce: mixed media portraits of the late great Sir Bobby Moore and Elvis Presley. Painted in acrylics, detailed using steel pins and coloured wire. Incorporates stained glass and various other materials.

Geoff Latz

Geoff Latz, born in 1959, is an ‘Upscaling’ artist based in Bradford, UK. He specialises in using scrap materials to create intricate pieces, often reflective of historic artifacts. He works predominantly in various metals, i.e. copper, steel, wire etc, but uses whatever materials are necessary to create his artwork. Some of his pieces are kinetic or use LED lights.
Geoff Latz

Angela Boyce is a Bradford based artist working mainly in stained glass and wirework. As well being an artist in her own right, Angela often assists Geoff in his work and they have collaborated on many varied projects together, including the “China Seas” ship.
Angela Boyce

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