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[SHIFT:ibpcpa] platform during the coronavirus outbreak.

SHIFT: The International Biennale of Performance, Collaborative and Participatory Arts [SHIFT: ibpcpa] is a non-profit art initiative with a specific focus on performance, collaborative and participatory art practices.

Lockdown Performances has already started and IN 24-HOURS is set to begin on 1st April. All exhibitions and performances will stream from here https://www.pscp.tv/SHIFT_ibpcpa/ and updates can be found on Twitter/Instagram @shift_ibpcpa and @ayshiataskin

[SHIFT:ibpcpa] was created in July 2019 and was to show performance art. But with the current situation, and lack of opportunities for artists to show work, I decided to open the initiative up to showing multiple art forms until the pandemic is under control. The IN 24-HOURS exhibition will show the work of over 50 artists over the course of 3 months.Ayshia Taskin

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Talking on the news about SHIFT Lock down performances IN 24-HOURS

SHIFT: The International Biennale of Performance, Collaborative and Participatory Arts means to shift: to be movable, exchange, modify, transfer… the crux includes the shifting of minds, theories and practices. Grappling with the unconventional and new ways of working. Not being afraid of experimentation and pushing past any stagnant boundaries.

Performance art is new within the canonical context of art history. Therefore, [SHIFT: ibpcpa] provide a platform for artists to interpret and present work, for an international biennale based on ‘junction-making’ and ‘networked’ performances which enable an exclusive focus on performance practices including collaborative and/or participatory elements between artists and other non-art disciplines.

[SHIFT: ibpcpa] provides opportunities for artists to enhance their practice, theoretical and critical approach, within the current and future context of performance art. For this reason, [SHIFT: ibpcpa] specifically focuses on the untapped potential of performance, collaborative and participatory art. This focus allows artists to develop refined methods of presenting physical and theoretical research-based work while aiming to cross social, theoretical and professional boundaries. Like a polyphonic visual and multi-sensuous novel, [SHIFT: ibpcpa] aims to create an urgent discourse between the arts, various disciplines, academics and writers on the current and future status of current art practices and ways of working through networked performances. [SHIFT: ibpcpa] are not only looking for the visual, but the critical and homogenisation of disciplines. We are also not looking for projects produced by individual artists who know and feel ‘safe’ working with each other but by those willing to embrace the radical, to push boundaries of relationships and engage in the collective genius to foster new ways of working. [SHIFT: ibpcpa] want to create an urgent discourse on the current and future status of contemporary society and the art-world. Therefore, we are looking for the nomadic artists who shift between ways of working, whether within online space or in a physical place. We aim to foster interchanges, not just between arts and non-art disciplines, but also between the audience as a way of growing an understanding about contemporary and future art practices.

The biennale lasts from June 2020 until August 2020 and is networked. Meaning work can exist within the digital and/or physical domains where necessary… networked and nomadic projects traversing the hypothetical space and physical place. Submitted projects must include performance work with collaborative or participatory elements.




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