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Semir Avdic aka Knut van Brijs | Collage artist

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The works are representing current view of everyday life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europa as part of the overall European heritage which recently is going through a universal identity crisis regarding moral, social structures and generally life where things often lose logical sense and therefore a cycle of works called “Abolition of logic” in a technical and visual sense is born out of Dadaism.

The concept an idea of works in its context are trying to deconstruct reality and to give a critical view of the time in which we live. It is well known Dadaism at its core represents the idea of destruction of previous known matrix on which the world rests. Therefore, I use this idea in order to deconstruct and re-recombine obtained elements trying to give a new and possible picture of reality that often becomes ironic, satirical and provocative. The ultimate goal is to encourage critical thinking in a broader view and give the consumer the possibility to establish its own logical sequence.

The technique of collage has proven to be ideal, where at first glance random selected objects get their new visual “neodada” identity such as acrylic paint, paper bags, pictures from newspapers and magazines, dishes, gold leaf, page book giving the opportunity to all objects to obtain artistic purpose confirming idea of Dadaism.

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