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Sculptor vs Nature

Capturing the moment of glass-crack by high-speed camera

Japanese sculptor, Tets Ohnari, creates his art in Tokyo and Prague. “Inspiring people by different angle to see the view” is his concept/lifestyle. “Glass-crack” is his symbolic motive to conceptualize fundamental cycle of life. Appearance and aesthetics of glass crack have been fascinating him at such level that he decided to capture the moment of cracking by high-speed camera.

3 layers of glass sheets are laminated so that only the middle one becomes a space for expansion of crack. This action works also as a performance for Ohnarís opening of exhibition.

This project in the world hadn’t been done well because of its technological difficulties, but abnormal way of Ohnarís crack process and collaboration with the best highspeed-camera maker [Photron] made it possible to capture the crack by speed (1/120,000 per second)and highest Ultrasensitive camera. These links below show you the result of real-glass-cracking-process.

The filming work was a success. Circle of energy from one point might remind Big-bang or roots, in other words process of fundamental energy, life explosion or birth. This mystic process is done even in the life of glass sheet material and even in 1800 meter per second speed. Static and dynamic- a sense of transitoriness, nature and art could recall elements of zen.

Official Website of Tets Ohnari

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