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Right here right now

ROME ART WEEK 25 – 30 October, 2021

RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW features new and recent works by emerging and established artists who continue to work on diverse projects with Rossocinabro. Based in heart of Rome, Rossocinabro has built an international reputation for exhibiting new art and for intellectual dynamism and cultural. The exhibition is sponsored by RAW (Rome Art Week).

“Brave nudity” 61 x 61 cm, oil on canvas by Alessio Pistilli

The event gives a great opportunity to invest into international art, and is a showcase of the well-established artist as well as young talent. Visitors can expect a variety of paintings, photography art, urban art, sculptures, videos in different styles and media.

Curators by Joe Hansen, Cristina Madini

Participating artists: Daniel Agra, Ralph Aiken, Brian Avadka Colez, Anna Blom, Glenys Buzza, Laura Caccavo, Carol Anne, Yenny Carruyo, Nathalie Cougny, Nathanael Cox, Marie-Pierre de Gottrau, Onno Dröge, Earth Wings, Margarita Felis, Petra Forman, Natasscha Girelli, Evaldas Gulbinas, Cinzia Inglese, Michael Jiliak, Annamaria Johansson, Marius Knutsen Vigebo, Chikara Komura, Michael Kopplstätter, Lize Krüger, Larz, Linda Liao, Tatsiana Lintouskaya, Fiona Livingstone, Lise Lykke, Michel Marchand, Una Marzorati, Susan Nalaboff Brilliant,  Noryo, Liv Berit Nyblin Løken, Ann Palmer, Alessio Pistilli, Sal Ponce Enrile, Erwin Rios, Belle Roth, I-Vanessa Rumstejn, Jerry Strohkorb, Irene Strolz-Tafener, Serina Tara, Kari Veastad, Stéphane Vereecken, Victoria V, Paige Wallwork, Joanna Wojtal-Kalinowska

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Rossocinabro Gallery

Since the very beginning of its activity gallery has been working to achieve the envisioned goals – discovering promising artists and representing the hottest trends of art. Also, the experience accumulated in working with young artists allows promoting the career of the represented artists since the early stages, too. The gallery’s dynamic international activity and wide network have contributed to the international recognition of several artists. The work of the gallery’s artists has represented in the major city of the world: Tokyo, New York, Shanghai and naturally Rome. The gallery’s artists have garnered critical acclaim in competitions held by the world’s renowned art institutions (Arte Laguna, Premio Combat, Saatchi Painted Faces, Celeste Prize etc.)

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