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Metaperformance “Resistance to tatecide”. ​

by Alexander Art

Metaperformance – a series of performances united by one common idea.
Tate Modern is one of the best world museums of contemporary art, whose goal is to study and demonstrate to people all the newest promising ideas and artworks. I thought so too, but now I know from my own experience that it is a lie. Now I state that Tate Modern is the organization which aggressive to contemporary artists and destroys works of art. On July 7, 2017, I began my performance in support of abstract idealism which completely reload abstract art. During this performance, the square in front of Tate Modern was to be turned into one of the largest abstract paintings in the world. But a few minutes after the start of my performance, it was interrupted by the Tate Modern employees, who destroyed my performance and my painting at the very beginning.

They promised that my project would be carefully studied. But having experience of communication with Tate Modern where I sent my project a few months ago, I understood that they would try to just waste time and not give a clear answer to me. Therefore I continued carrying out my performances near Tate Modern day by day.

My huge 30-meter abstract artwork on the embankment in front of Tate Modern became part of my metaperformance. This work is a clear proof of the power and viability of abstract idealism.

Every day, in any weather, I continue my performance against the tatecide, which is an English version of the artocide. You can read about this phenomenon and about what I propose to do in the manifesto of peaceful resistance to artocide.

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