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RE:Imagined 2018 ART SHOW

9th May – 25th June 2018

We are pleased to announce RE:Imagined 2018 at St George’s Hospital Gallery, from 9th May – 25th June 2018. Working closely with Live Arts at St George’s, and the St George’s Hospital Charity.

There will be two art workshops working with the Children’s ward at St George’s Hospital on the 10th & 11th May also a visit to a local school in Balham in the first week of June by the curator and artists from the show. Please contact in advance if you would like to attend. The opening night will be on the 9th May at 5.30pm – 7.30pm, please RSVP as drinks and canapes will be provided.

Following on from the success of last year’s show RE:Imagined 2018 will give 10 emerging artists another
opportunity to showcase their work in a very unique gallery space within the hospital. It will also feature work from the curator of the show Robert John, as well as Malaika Ibrek, Henriette Heimdall, Berkin & Mika and many more. Each piece will ask questions about what you see around you in an unexpected way.


The show will also look to inspire young artists by working with the children in the hospital wards giving them an opportunity to express their creativity in a new way and hopefully brighten their stay at the hospital.

Robert John, Creator/Show Curator, What I See When I Look At, said: “I am delighted to be presenting the third show in such a unique and interesting space. It’s wonderful that so many people will be able to engage with the project and support the Hospital Charity through RE:Imagined 2018.”

All profits made from the show will be donated to St George’s Hospital Charity through the sale of the art, framed prints and donations. The show is proudly supported by Unicorn Publishing Group and St George’s Hospital Charity.

Noel Cramer, Director of fundraising at St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “St George’s Hospital Charity is thrilled to be a part of this exciting exhibition. Since 1990, the Arts Team have developed engaging exhibitions, commissions, and participatory arts programmes which enhance the wellbeing of both patients and visitors. It is just one of the projects funded by the charity which touches the lives of the thousands of people cared for by the hospitals and local community services each year.”

Lord Ian Strathcarron, Unicorn Publishing Group, Chairman, said “We’re excited to be supporting the immersive exhibition by artist Robert John. It’s great to see Robert giving emerging artists a platform to showcase their work based on his very unique idea, whilst supporting St George’s Hospital Charity.”

Robert John is an artist from London and runs www.whatiseewhenilookat.com  he is absolutely thrilled that the project has been nominated for a Webby Award this year, highlighting the work it does to inspire creativity, help people engage with their surroundings, give graduate artists a platform to showcase their work in art shows held once a year, and most importantly to inspire art at school level. Would be great if you could help get enough votes to finish first. Really appreciate all your help. Here is a link to the voting and the project to vote for is What I See When I Look At.

“the Walker” by Robert John

Robert John
Robert John, is an artist from Tooting, South London of Pakistani descent. He has worked across many iconic brands through his career as a designer for the BBC. In late 2012 he started an art project called What I See When I Look At. The idea for the project was inspired by his father. Robert’s father lived with Parkinson’s for many years before his father passed away. During which, his father developed Parkinson’s dementia, he began seeing things which were not visible to anyone else, yet they were so real to him, he could see these things, smell them, even touch and feel them. This made Robert think about what our concepts of reality are and what we choose to actually see.

It also reminded him of how as a child he would create elaborate worlds and places in his imagination, his project asks us to go back to that imagination, and show everyone what we see in the world around us. After the project was featured in many publications and online. It is now in it’s third annual show, with hundreds having visited the show and thousands engaging with it online.

Robert will also be working with Unicorn Publishing Group with the release of a book based on the project, with brand new work exclusively for the book to be released in 2019. Robert would like to continue to grow the project with more shows across the UK.

“Granny Stew” by Berkin & Mika

The Live Arts St George’s programme is led by the Trust’s Arts Director who is supported by a Curatorial Assistant, Live Arts Co-ordinator, artists, musicians and creatives. The Arts programme is further supported by the Live Arts St George’s Committee. The committee meets quarterly and comprises of clinical staff, patients, external experts in architecture and visual arts.

Live Arts St George’s works with cultural partners to ensure that high quality, participatory arts programmes are developed to enhance the wellbeing of patients. Partnerships with cultural institutions have included the National Gallery, V&A, Tamasha Theatre and the Rambert Dance Company.

Live Arts St George’s ethos is that access to the arts can make a vital contribution to the wellbeing of patients and staff.

St George’s Hospital Charity

With over 8,500 dedicated staff caring for patients around the clock, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the largest healthcare provider in southwest London.

The work of St George’s Hospital Charity enhances the physical environment of the hospitals for patients, staff and visitors. We fund research and state-of-the-art equipment. Through fundraising the Charity is able to fund projects which touch the lives of the thousands of people cared for by the hospitals and local community services each year.

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