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Quentin de Waele in “La Forêt du Marais” project

Let us introduce you to an art project called “La forêt du Marais” (The Marais forest; Le Marais is a historic district in Paris, France). It was held in Paris recently, in June and July 2015. One of artist who was involved in Montebelo team project was Quentin de Waele. The idea was to paint trees on windows blinds in Paris, so when they were closed, forest appeared.

Quentin de Waele Facebook site

When the night arrives, the shops in the Marais close and the nicest neighborhood in Paris becomes lifeless except some few bars and restaurants.

A big part of these shops, which are so carefully integrated into the architecture of the buildings and surroundings, end up hiding themselves behind metal walls to protect their insides during the dark hours of the night.

Our idea is to give life to the streets of the Marais at night and let trees integrate into the natural landscape of the neighborhood.

A project by montebelo.org

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