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Pylon at the A side B side Gallery, London and at the UCA, Blackbox project space.

by James Paddock

It has been a long journey from the early conceptual ideas of PYLON that has led to my first solo exhibition in London at A-side B-side Gallery.

The exhibition received some good publicity including PYLON being featured as Top 5 exhibition as part of the monthly first Thursday event sponsored by the Whitechapel Gallery and Time Out. The private view was busy and people from London and Southampton were in attendance.

Sculptural element Pylon; Courtesy of Drop the mask productions. 2019

In preparation for the exhibition I did preliminary tests at the Arches Studios’ flexible event space, Arch 04, run by ‘a space’ arts in my hometown of Southampton. Which proved beneficial into how the exhibition might work in London.

The install was facilitated by the gallery technician Adam and experienced video installation artist Kye Wilson. I curated the show with some useful tips and guidance from accomplished arts professional Celia Davies, who also wrote a wonderful essay called ‘Portal’ about the new artwork.

I am delighted with how PYLON has turned out and that the exhibition received lots of positive feedback. Those in attendance, including other artists commented on how PYLON has inspired them and how with each new project I create there is a progression in my artists practice.

Then there were comments from important people within the arts who said that PYLON had moved them – that’s nice too!

The Pylon exhibition was about Psychosis or more specifically Schizophrenia and consisted of three elements: two video installations projected directly onto the gallery walls and a sculpture.

The first installation features the journey of a young woman experiencing an acute psychotic episode, the second – a short looped video about the pressures of a lifetime with Psychosis will bring, and the sculptural element is about the precarious nature of a life living with Psychosis.

I feel my art is an entry point for discussion about contemporary society and the PYLON artwork encapsulates this by correcting myths about Psychosis and Schizophrenia.

Following this exhibition PYLON will be reconfigured for the Black Box project space located at the University for the Creative Arts Farnham Campus, Surrey (21- 31 October, Private View 22 October).

James Paddock

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Sculptural element Pylon; Courtesy of Drop the mask productions. 2019

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