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Profil Nadel, 3B, Schwarz, 2020

Profil Nadel, 3B, Schwarz, 2020 by Mehmet Cevik and Illya Goldman G. from atelier 97cm has originated from the Needle project in 2019.

The new work reflects on the earthly and its relationship to the cosmos and the realm of imagination that we as human beings can experience in everyday life.

The black cloth – an hanging appearing body – rises vertically to the divine and is penetrated horizontally by a rather worldly metal spear.

The cloth, which is not only visual but also otherwise a centre for the artists context, forms an imaginative platform through which the bilateral needle with two individually shaped spikes penetrates. At the right moment and the right measure, both planes can create a perfectly balanced unity of one sculpture.

A view of life that includes a vertical and a horizontal plane creates a harmonious connection between mind and body, between the comprehensible and the incomprehensible and what is there and what is not there.

The combination of a Newtonian understanding, which we experience in our horizontal everyday life, with a new world view resulting from old wisdom and revelation, which is in accordance with the latest discoveries of modern science – creates the possibility of a much more balanced “state of being”.

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