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“Preserved” by Anita Yan Wong


“A broken butterfly wing, a bunch of fallen leaves on the path way, a cicadas shell on a tree, some strangely grown twigs and pressed flower bookmarks – gifts from my childhood friend: I find all these preserved objects extremely beautiful and precious. I have preserved these objects under glass with backgrounds of beautiful nature paintings on rice paper. They are given a second life and are frozen in time with new meanings from the paintings, they tell stories of their existence and lives.

Rice paper painting, along with Calligraphy, an old art form that was once a common practice among all Chinese is now seen by some as old traditions and dying art form. As an artist, I want to preserve it, cherish it and bring it to live with new ideas and creative thinkings. The title “preserved” contains the meaning of preserving the objects and strange finds from Nature under the glass as well as the traditional art form rice paper paintings – “Guo hua”, both fragile but beautiful, both need to be protected and preserved.

The ancient art of rice paper painting,

Rice paper painting: (guó huà), *Shui-mo huà OR sumi-e, is strikingly beautiful, simple and pure, yet strong and resonant. An art form expressing the human appreciation of nature, the art of brush (pi) painting is executed with black ink on white or yellow rice paper using bamboo brushes. Subjects in rice paper painting include landscapes, flowers, or animals, anything that suggests a closeness to the natural world.

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Prof. Anita Yan Wong, International Artist, Educator and Thinker
A Specialist in Modern and traditional Chinese art, is a long time pupil of 辛鵬九– a World-renowned Lingnan style master and first pupils of Chao Shao An. Anita received her B.A. (Honors) in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and her M.F.A. and M.A. in Digital Photography and Digital Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art. Her works was featured on “N.Y. Arts” Magazine, Emmy Award “Funny or Die” Magazine and was awarded 1st place wall art by “Design within Reach” Design Philadelphia Award. Prof. Wong gained her Electronic Media and Culture Professorship and Award Excellence Scholarship from Maryland Institute College of Art M.D. and was recognized “Teaching excellence honor” from the Art Institute. She also served as a reviewer and guest speaker at AIGA and SVA for Film & Television Director Bob Giraldi (best known for Michael Jackson “Beat it” music video) She was the youngest member at Hong Kong International Art Club and Photography Club, where her works were exhibited Internationally since 10 years old. As a young artist, Anita has spent many hours caring and observing birds, she has been captivated by their beauty where animals and nature became the subject to her art ever since. Her painting style is traditional “xie yi” (寫意), in which her brush strokes are expressive yet delicate and precise. Her paintings are a display of her Identity – an International artist that lived in Beijing, Hong Kong, London and the United States. Her art captivates the traditional and the modern, eastern and western – a new group of International viewers. Anita’s recent works have been dealing with Individualism in the viewer’s eyes, patterns in nature and “The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction”, an essay German cultural critic Walter Benjamin. Her current works are featured on Neehao U.K. Magazine, Interview and Cover story of Artdependence Magazine and China hands, a Magazine by Professors and students at Yale University this Fall 2016.

Anita Yan Wong Website
Please note: * All Insects were gifts, finds or purchases from stores that supports cruelty free Insect and butterfly farms, they all lived in their habitat for a full life cycle before being preserved into another beautiful form.*

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